School for Mindful ​Eating & Movement

Inner Home ​Renovation

Break up with bad eating habits ​and reclaim a life of freedom

This 16-week program will reconnect you with your true nature:

Peace, compassion, and deep trust.

You will build a safe inner home you can always come back to.

Let's find out if this is for you…

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  • Do you feel alone even in the presence of other people? Like you don’t fit in or belong?
  • Did you always want to be part of a commUNITY that offers a safe space to discover and ​express your true self while lifting each other up?
  • Are you highly sensitive and tend to feel easily overwhelmed, exhausted, and drained? In ​stressful moments, food might be your frenemy.
  • Do you see yourself as a kind and deeply caring person who always tries to be strong for others ​— even if that means suppressing yourself? You deserve to fill your own cup and set healthy ​boundaries.
  • Do you have a strong inner knowing that more is waiting for you?


  • …finally being “here” — fully present in this very moment.
  • ...preparing and eating your wholesome meals mindfully — with love, gratitude, and presence.
  • ...being in a healthy relationship with food and your body → glowing from the inside out.
  • ...listening to and trusting your body’s signals, such as hunger and satiety cues.
  • ...having pleasure on your daily menu, without relying (solely) on food for that.
  • ...your worth is no longer tied to the number on the scale or your outward appearance but an ​inherent part of you as a human being.
  • ...leading yourself with sovereignty and trust through the seasons of life. Turbulence no longer ​knocks you out. You can count on yourself, knowing that you are — and always will be — ​there for yourself.

What if you could finally say goodbye to…

Bare feet stand on smart scales that makes bioelectric impedance analysis, BIA, body fat measurement.
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diet culture

tracking every single calorie

obsessing about your weight

weighing yourself every day

Body image issues

…and finally use this time & energy to create a

fulfilling life aligned with your purpose

Pretty brunette binging in secret


You do not have to depend on food to regulate your state ​and feel better for the rest of your life!

Line with heart

What if...

…you don’t have to do or be more? But “just” have to unlearn, unbecome, and remember who you truly are?

Maybe you are a rose that has been planted in the desert (like me).

But because you didn’t know that, you have desperately

tried to fit into an environment of cacti.

Did you ever wonder: “Am I too soft, or too weak?...

There must be something wrong with me”.

Self-betrayal happens almost naturally…

...until you finally wake up and realize:

Holy moly, I am a rose and NOT a cactus.

I do not have to measure up to all those standards

anymore because I am unique.”

About Me

Hey, I´m Jenni,

A mindful foodie, travelfairy and Visionary.

My heartfelt desire (Sankalpa) is to contribute to a more peaceful world:

A world in which human BEings have a loving and compassionate

relationship with themselves, other beings, and Mama Nature.

I firmly believe true change starts WITHIN.

If you want more peace and love in this world, you first gotta

embody the desired change yourself.

That’s why I studied Psychology & Neuroscience, became a Yoga Teacher, and most importantly ​embarked on my own healing journey.

My mission is to help women make peace with food, their bodies, and ultimately themselves, ​knowing that this will touch and inspire countless other women.

In the past, food was my only source of safety, comfort, peace, and pleasure. I felt lonely and frustrated because ​deep down I wanted to be the healthiest & strongest version of myself.

But until a few years ago, this has been a fantasy.

My reality looked like this:

I was overeating until I felt stuffed and ashamed.

I never seemed to learn from my mistakes and kept running in circles.

The worst thing:

I KNEW better (I mean I studied that sh*t) and yet I could not DO ​better. Superior knowledge, inferior results.

Until I invested multiple 5 figures into my healing journey, which included working with mentors. ​They held a safe space and taught me how to work with the nervous system “in real life”. I finally ​shifted my entire reality and entered an upward spiral toward well-BEING.

As your mentor, I will give you a proven toolbox to ​catapult yourself out of stuckness, disconnection, and ​the frustrating gap between knowing & doing (better).


So you can step into the woman who leads and ​nourishes herself through all seasons of life and ​glows from the inside out.

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MODULE 1 - Foundation: Safe inner home

You will explore your inner home, which will act as an 'anchor' during this journey (and afterward). Additionally, you ​will learn about your nervous system because it massively impacts how safe you feel in your body and environment. It ​determines through which lens you are seeing and experiencing life. Moreover, you will cultivate a compassionate ​awareness through which you will uncover the root of your bad eating habits.

  • Yoga Nidra & meditation (Incl. Sankalpa), gentle Pranayama, compassionate self-observation (e.g., mindful eating diary), ​introduction to the subconscious mind & your program(ming)

Month 2 - road to regulation

By gaining an understanding of the different nervous states, you can identify what you truly need so you can return to ​regulation. We will cover the “how” and the “what” of healthy eating. For example, you will learn some hacks from ​psychology as well as insights into my 8/10 method.

  • toolbox for NS regulation, Karma Workshop, Nutrition 1×1, and choice architecture, subconscious reprogramming, ​(re)building self-worth & trust

Month 3 - Embodiment & Integration

Knowledge is useless if not applied, right? That’s why we will practice mindful eating: from planning & preparing the ​meal to eating it and identifying hunger and fullness signals. You will also get the opportunity to practice with some ​(more) NS regulation tools, interrupt old patterns & habits, and install new ones. Finally, you will learn how to set ​healthy boundaries and keep your (inner) home a safe and peaceful space.

  • mindful eating & movement (incl. my ample system), breaking food rules, stepping into self-leadership & -expression


This method unites proven tools from modern ​psychology and neuroscience with ancient, ​energetic healing modalities.

I believe in a holistic approach that combines: ​Mind AND Body

Science AND Spirituality

Insights from the West AND East

This program is not a quick fix.

We will dive deep and tackle the roots of bad ​eating habits like emotional eating to create ​long-lasting changes. This won’t be another diet, ​mindful eating is a lifestyle.

Before even diving head first into the healing ​process and attempting to “fix” anything, we will ​slowly build internal safety and nervous system ​capacity for you to have a solid foundation.

I won’t save you. And I don’t have to because you will learn to save and hold yourself. By the ​end of this program, you will have the tools to lead yourself through all seasons of life.

Wherever you will go, your inner home will follow.


  • When do we start?
    • Jennifer is currently enrolling clients for July 2024.
    • It is an intimate container, so don’t hesitate for too long with your application.

  • How long will I have access to the recordings, workbooks, etc.?
    • You will get lifetime access to all materials of this program.

  • Is it a live program?
    • Yes, there will be weekly live sessions via Zoom.

You absolutely deserve to tap into your fullest potential ​and bring online the powerful, courageous and ​unapologetically confident woman who you feel ​slumbering inside of you!

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I know that she is so damn ready to be unleashed ;)

- that's why you feel drawn to this offer, right?

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